About Us

CLIENTS will regard Zuma Collections as their Preferred choice due to our technological advancement, market knowledge and resilience in our business.

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Who We Are.

Zuma Investments Solutions; is a registered company with its Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide professional receivable management solutions for both financial and commercial markets and focuses on maximizing clients’ cash flow management and credit control aspects.

We provide end to end accounts receivable management solutions from billing, reconciliation, 3rd party collections and skip trace. Zuma Collections is under a group of companies that have been providing these services for the past 1 year with presence in Kenya and a vision to expand to the larger East Africa.

The Directors:

(1) Waithira Njuguna Director
(2) Ken Lidwaji Director

Our expertise and skills

Skip Tracing 78%
Clients Account Management 85%
Reconciliation 65%
Collection Shop 95%
Field Management 83%


We exist to serve only one mission; that is maximising clients bad debt and receivables recoveries.

10 Number of Qualified field staff
15 In house Professional debt collectors
7 Current Account portfolios