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Zuma Collections has gained knowledge and experience that cannot be collected from textbook or from handling a deal or two. It has been forged by years of practical experience of our staff. ..

About Us


Zuma Collections was established in 2018 with the aim of providing financial services advisory and management with particular focus on providing debt collection services.


We design our collection policy that is tailor-made to suit our client’s needs with our focus being an innovative solution provider. We simply make sure you will work with an experienced, ethical and professional team of people.Debt collection to many people is seen an unpleasant and a stressful exercise. It is our cherished duty to collect debts in a professional manner, where extreme care is taken to avoid severing our client’s relationship with their debtors.



Our commission rates are reasonable and negotiable. They are based on the size/magnitude, age of the debt and the geographical location of the debtor. The commission rates ranges from 10% and above VAT Exclusive. Our commission earned is based on the actual sums collected. We operate on the principle of “no cure no payment” where we don’t collect we don’t charge.Our commitment is focused on improving our client’s cash flow position by reducing the level of bad debts.



Over the years, we have managed to establish ourselves in the market place and we have grown to become a leading provider of debt collection services. Our clients are spread in all the sectors. Our strength lies on the fact that we are specialized in debt collection and we strive to render first class services to our clients coupled with professionalism.Our staff force comprises of highly trained good negotiators who are ready to apply and innovate any strategy necessary to achieve the desired clients results.



We are a firm of Consultants specialized in diverse fields. Over the years, we have been conducting research and collecting information /data that meet special needs of our growing list of clients. From the data/information collected during our extensive research, we have been able to compile and work on the following portfolio which have added to our pool of expertise..

We have managed to sell our books to a wide range of customers drawn from the following client base

  • Financial Institutions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Parastatals
  • Private and public companies
  • NGOs'
  • Individuals

  • More....



    Metropol Credit Reference Bureau Limited who are licensed by Central Bank of Kenya to provide Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) services are in the process of appointing us as their agents. Our agency with Metropol Credit Reference Bureau will greatly enhance our client’s capacity to curb credit risks and thus improve cash flow in business.We at Zuma Collections are dedicated to be at your service while working as a team and in strict observance of the law. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you require more details. Please do send us an email to info@zumacollections.co.ke



  • Helping business improve their cash flow position through accelerated debt collection. This greatly improves liquidity and enables companies to avoid incurring high interest charges on bank overdrafts.

  • Debt collection is done effectively and efficiently, and the client is kept abreast of all the progress.

  • Debt collection procedures are tailored to meet the client’s needs and expectations.
  • Where the client due to one reason or another does not have adequate particulars of the whereabouts of the debtors, we assist in locating the debtor on behalf of the client.

  • We operate on the principle of “no cure no payment” where we don’t collect we don’t charge.

  • More....

    Who We Are.

    Zuma Investments Solutions Limited; is a registered company with its Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide professional receivable management solutions for both financial and commercial markets and focuses on maximizing clients’ cash flow management and credit control aspects.

    We provide end to end accounts receivable management solutions from billing, reconciliation, 3rd party collections and skip trace. Zuma Collections is under a group of companies that have been providing these services for the past 1 year with presence in Kenya and a vision to expand to the larger East Africa.

    The Directors:

    (1) W. Njuguna Director

    (2) Ken Lidwaji Director

    Our expertise and skills

    Skip Tracing 78%
    Clients Account Management 85%
    Reconciliation 65%
    Collection Shop 95%
    Field Management 83%


    We exist to serve only one mission; that is maximising clients bad debt and receivables recoveries.

    10 Number of Qualified field staff
    15 In house Professional debt collectors
    7 Current Account portfolios

    Core Values

    To Provide Competitive and Professional Auctioneering and Debt Recovery Management Services to Public and Corporate Principals by conducting Professional Repossessions, Competitive Public Auction, Realization of Securities, Effective Debt Recovery and Management Through Capacity Building, Objective Skip Tracing, Private Investigations and Asset Identification to recover and Manage debts in order to Improve Non-performing loans and add value to Principals’ loan books to boost lending and maintain their customer retention.

    More Services

    As a kenyan based Debt Collection company, we conduct our duties professionally and in strict adherence to the provisions of the Auctioneers and Debt Collection Act No. 5 of 1996, the civil Procedure Act Cap 21 and all other relevant laws of the land as enacted by the Kenyan Parliament from time to time. We maintain high professional standards as enshrined in the Auctioneers and Debt Collection Practice rules of 2009.
    Over the years, we have been able to distinguish ourselves as a trusted player in the debt collection industry. We derive great motivation and energy in satisfying our customers’ needs. Our charges are very competitive and as per the scale provided in the Act.

    Debt Collection services

    Zuma Collections has country wide coverage and fully fledged operations in all counties with a vision to Uganda and the larger Africa Continent.

    Private Investigation

    We have a large database that serves as a comprehensive, reliable and up to date information source which help us in finding the names, addresses and phone numbers of hard-to-find debtors and businesses

    Unclaimed Asset Reunification

    Our foot prints all over gives us the ability to locate and trace account holders all over East Africa. We offer our clients with the opportunity to reach out to rightful owners and/or their beneficiaries..

    Debt Management

    Debt Management Plan: We enable our clients to enter into a formal agreement with the debtor outlining how the debt will be paid back within a specified duration including the penalties for noncompliance. Debt Advise: Due to our vast experience in debt management we help our clients understand which debts are worth litigating and which debts are recoverable.

    Industry Analysis

    Zuma Collections understands that no two debts are identical, and thus applying customized collection tools and processes based upon the nature of the individual debt is KEY.

    Our Top Client Says

    Zuma Collections provides clients with decision useful credit scorecards that help reduce default incidences at inception. We offer an end to end capability purposely targeted at both Financial and Non-Institutions that require strategic advise on collections, trace and asset investigation and litigation



    January 17, 2019

    Debt collection and Account Management and Data profiling.


    Maisha Microfinance Bank

    September 24, 2018

    Debt Collection,Skip-tracing and Account Management.


    Rafiki Microfinance

    March 23, 2019

    Debt Collection,Investigations and Account Management.

    Why Choose Us

    Human Resource Capacity

  • Zuma Collections has invested and placed highly qualified and experienced minds in all its core departments.

  • WE HAVE EXPERIENCE: Zuma Collections Since Mid 2018, our tried-and-tested success in professional debt management and analysis, we’re perfectly positioned to help you with your revenue enhancement, accounts receivables and data analysis. Our Technology.

  • OUR TECHNOLOGY: Zuma Collections has invested in major technologies including: dialer technology, text messaging, speech analytics and highly effective tracing technologies coupled up with an automated debt collection system

  • SPECIALITY: We have teams that are uniquely fixed according to their strengths to cater to our clients different products. We group them terms of strengths therefore attaining the clients results faster and swift.

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